Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Hair Story

What better day to tell you my hair story than today, I'm getting my hair done!

When I was little I had very blonde hair in a bob with a block fringe like most little girls.

As I got older, I grew my hair and my fringe out but my hair also got darker to dark blonde, almost brown.

That's when I started having blonde highlights, I'm pretty sure I started dying my hair when I was about 12 but I think it was just 2 fun purple streaks then more and more highlights, only ever the top half.  I like to have my hair in a side parting with a side swept fringe.

My hair got crazy long to my waist and started to go straggly and wispy at the ends, so I had to cut it, to just a couple of inches below my shoulders.

This is when I once went to a salon where they used a lot of peroxide not so great for my hair.

I also had 4 lilac real hair extensions once, which was pretty and as you can see it's my favorite colour :).

This is when I had an accident and tried to do my own hair with some blonde dye; I just wacked it onto my parting to cover up my roots and thought it would blend.  No such luck.  This really doesn't suit me and made my face look extra chubby.  I had to get my hairdresser to sort it out my adding some low lights and I got silver shampoo that comes out purple to take away the brassiness.

I also wanted to see what I would look like if I had brown hair so I used some wash in, wash out colour which actually came out quite ginger in real life so I added a filter below to make it look browner.  It looks quite nice but I felt a bit dull compared to my blonde hair.

This past December I decided to have a change and added purple dip dye to the ends of my hair.  It only lasted a few weeks but I was so happy with the result.

Okay so this time it came out quite blue.  The purply pink colour I had last time was discontinued.

P.s please pretend I posted this last Saturday.  Yeah the one before that.

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