Monday, 27 July 2015

Let's Talk About Shoes!

I love shoes. Many people can tell when I say I have about 80 pairs! It has got a little bit out of hand and I am due a shoe cull. You must be wondering where on earth I keep all these shoes? 

Well they are spread in a number of places so I don't realise I have that many. Everyday shoes are in the hall cupboard with my family's shoes; my dad put a big shelf unit at the back which is perfect shoe height. Then I have some in the bottom of my wardrobe in shoe boxes and my special heels are under my lift up bed, neatly displayed in rows.

I once tried to keep them in this DVD display cabinet but the was a bit big in my room.

Heels and wedges are my favourite because they look so pretty but aren't always comfortable so I invest in plasters and gel cushions or strips to protect my feet from blisters.

My dream shoes are Christian Louboutin of course; but I may get some for my future wedding as they are so expensive and special.  I'm not sure exactly what style as I defo need a strap to keep my foot but a nude colour to go with everything.

I have recently started pinterest and have a pin board called Shoe Porn

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