Thursday, 5 November 2015

How To Shape Your Own Eyebrows

A lot of people compliment me on my eyebrows and wonder where I get them done or how I keep them looking good.  Truth be told I just do what I've always done; just some plucking when it's needed.

Here I will just give to some tips to keep your brows looking good.

1) Never over pluck your brows, it's not the 90s anymore
2) Use a make up brush against your nose to determine the length you brows should be
3) Get some good precise tweezers, this avoids pain and frustration
4) Only pluck hairs from under your brows and the occasional long hair from the outer sides
See small hairs below and central sparseness that will be filled in
5) Try to pluck hairs that are out of the natural line of hairs
6) Brush the hairs back and trim the long ones to keep them neat
7) Use wax, pencil or shadow to finish the look

Below are some of the products I use;
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills BrowWiz or any of their eyebrow products.
  • Primark eyebrow pencil £1
  • MUA Brow Kit
  • Any Matt brown eyeshadow that matches your brow hair and a thin brush to get between hairs.

The main aim is to fill in any gaps in your brows with a bit of colour that matches and looks natural.

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