Sunday, 8 November 2015

Halloween 2015

This Halloween I decided to dress up as a mermaid that had been hook by a fisherman.  I got this idea after seeing some images on Pinterest where someone actually stuck a real fish hook to their face!

As I was going clubbing on Halloween night I wanted a costume that was practical and not too extravagant.  So I decided to get normal clothes that look mermaidish.  The first website I looked at was perfect as they do a lot of basic Jersey items and they are within my budget.

Everything arrived really quickly and it was easy to send things back through the post office as I ordered 2 biggish orders.

Firstly I curled with a small barreled wand and pinned my hair out of the way so i could concentrate on my make up.

For my make up I started with some layered on liquid latex and tissue near my mouth to create a fleshy wound.  I then waited for it to dry and continued with my normal foundation, concealer and powder.  Next I contoured and shaded with shimmery turquoise and silver eyeshadow to create a base for the scales.

To get scales I saw people using fishnet tights and purple shimmer eyeshadow but I decided to use some stretchy mesh fabric that didn't work as well.  It made smaller less defined scales, so I recommend using proper fishnet tights.

As I had a lot of colour on my face I decided to use silver eyeshadow on my lids with glitter and bit of grey in the crease for definition.  For eyeliner I used thick matching teal crayon and a thin line of black liquid eyeliner.  As it was a costume I went all out with fake eyelashes which I don't normally wear as they are so fiddly and I have pretty long eyelashes anyway.

Obviously the look wouldn't be complete with some blood in the wound so I used my vampire blood I got on eBay last year.  The final touch was to pile on pearl jewellery and a khaki waterfall jacket for warmth.  I hope this gives you some ideas for the next time you dress up.

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