Monday, 8 February 2016

Life Updates

So the Mini Make Up Tips Monday series is over but I will be delivering more tips along the way.  I thought I would just give you a quick life update.  I am concentrating really hard on my job as I have an exam relating to it next month and I really want to pass!  Last time I did a similar exam I was 2 marks away from passing then couldn't retake.

On the beauty side of things I'm still loving highlighting my cheekbones, brow bone, nose and cuspids bow.  I feel light it sculpts and transforms my face along with carefully placed bronzer.  I am really annoyed with my Anastasia Bevelery Hills Brow Wiz as the brow brush/spoole has snapped off and they want nothing to do with it as I didn't buy it online!  I only use it at weekends and usually keep it in the box, I have now had to cello tape it together so it looks horrid.  Still love the working end though, it's great as it never needs sharpening.

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