Friday, 25 March 2016


I think I have a problem.  I had to get Kylie Jenner lip kits like my life depended on it. 

So badly, that one day in February I had a look on eBay to see how much they were going for; £50, £60!  I then started bidding on some that were starting at £25.  This wasn't too bad until they started going up and over £40.  I lost a fair few and then all of a sudden I won Mary Jo K!  This isn't exactly my first choice and I'm not sure if I will sell it on so haven't used it at the moment.  This was my first time bidding on anything and I was not very good, I tried bidding odd pence but ended up with whole pounds.  I then got into bidding frenzies and raised my maximum bid so I won Posie K and Candy K!  I knew that the sellers didn't have delivery of the kits yet so I contacted them and paid once they had them.  I really do not condone this method of purchase as I hadn't initially thought they could be fake products that could cause me harm or if I got conned.  I have also paid over the odds, not quite £50 each though.  Luckily I haven't had any problems.  Kylie's website has now been improved so much that it is simple to buy from it when she releases a batch, it's just a case of being I the right place at the right time.

I waited patiently for each lip kit to arrive and excitedly tried them out.  At first I wasn't sure as Posie K came out pretty dark on my lips, I think this is because my lips are very pink anyway and every time I apply the lip kits I feel like they look a little different depend on lighting and base.  You get more true colour if you use the liner underneath to fill in your whole lips.  I think I will also try the kits with concealer underneath to block out my natural lip colour.  The pigment of both the lip liner and the liquid lipstick is amazing.  The liquid dries quickly and rarely transfers but the liner is amazingly soft, gliding on smoothly.

Candy K is also darker than I thought it would be but it is a perfect nude on me and lasts all day.  Part way through the day my lips did feel quite dry so as I read somewhere that Kylie recommends re hydrating your lips so I put some clear lip balm on top which works a treat.

I love looking at pictures of people wearing the different lip colours as they look unique in everyone.  This is where I stumbled across the following blog; where they explain what date and times worldwide that the kits will be restocked.  I saw that the 6th restock was coming up on 12th March so I thought I'd set an alarm and go on the website and see how quickly they sell out, (this time it was 30 minutes) but I suddenly wanted Koko K.  I put this in my basket and went to checkout, it did take a few minutes to load but I was able to calmly enter my details and I just got it delivered the other day!  I love this colour the most although it did stain my lips darker than the original colour.

In conclusion I have a love hate relationship with Kylie's lip kits but so glad I have them as they are good liquid lipsticks and liners. 

The next restock is on Monday 28th March, good luck.  Check out the times here;

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