Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Plump Those Lips

I'm Recently I've seen loads of girls with insanely large lips pumped up with injected lip fillers, especially on Instagram and I think it looks gross!  On the other hand I see normal girls everyday who have thin lips and may not be able to afford these expensive treatments or simply disagree with the procedure.  I am not against cosmetic surgery or alterations as long as it makes you happy, confident and you don't go over the top.  There is also nothing wrong with thin lips but sometimes you want to make them look bigger so I have put all my tips together in a lip tutorial.
To achieve this look, I did the following;
1) Use lip scrub in a circular motion, then wash or wipe off (optional to use a lip plumper cream or suction tool at this point)
2) Use lip balm to calm the lips
3) Line lips with a neutral dark lip liner, just over the edge of your natural lip line, in a cross on the cuspids bow and 3 lines  in the middle of the bottom lip to create definition
4) Then fill the lips in with a slightly lighter nude lipstick, I had to mix 2 shades together
5) The next step is to add lipgloss to just the centre of the lips to make them appear plumped (I used a lip plumping gloss from Soap & Glory)
6) Carefully add a creamy concealer around the edge of the lips with a flat concealer brush to neaten the lines
7) Add highlighter (cream, liquid or powder) to the Cupid's bow on the skin above the lips to make this area stand out
I used the following products along with some others;

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