Wednesday, 19 October 2016

New Tips and Tricks

Whilst looking on my Facebook timeline I spotted a makeup artist I followed ages ago, so looked at her work and saw some great "cut creases".  I have tried and kinda failed at trying this look as I had no idea how to achieve it.  But this is because I just thought you put the eyeshadow on and just blend but it's a bit more technical.

This is before YouTube;

And this is after;

Turns out, this make up artist has a YouTube page with tutorial videos which include a cut crease here;

What I learnt from her videos is the following;

  1. Blending is key on your face which I knew anyway but she uses serval different types of brushes to blend the face make up
  2. I need me some translucent loose powder for baking and protecting my under eye from eyeshadow fallout - apparently collection have a cheap one that I must seek out in Boots or Superdrug
  3. Liquid bronzer or darker liquid concealer is perfect for contouring your face
  4. The secrets to a cut crease is to start with the crease, slowly adding shadow blending and building up the darkness in the crease.  Then you cover just the eyelid in either eye shadow primer or a long wear eye cream/pencil such as the NYX Jumbo Eye Crayon (think I'm gunna get this in the colour "milk").  This can be moved around and right up to crease with a flat eye shadow or concealer brush. Then you can finish by putting a lighter or different colour eyeshadow on the on top of the lid only and then your usual eyeliner and mascara routine.

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