Monday, 31 October 2016

7 Pounds in 1 Week

7 pounds, in 1 week?  Is this how much I've spent or how much I have saved?  No, this is how much weight I have lost!

I have adopted the lifestyle of Slimming World.  The Extra Easy plan is really easy to follow as there are only a few key rules.

I'm not 100% great on rules and regulations but basically you have 15 Syns a day (20 for a man) then a healthy A and a healthy B.  The A is dairy so either milk or cheese and the B is wheat so 2 pieces of whole meal bread or 2 weatabix.

The "free" items are meat, pasta, rice, vegetables and fruit so you can eat as much of these as you want. Most over things will be a number of Syns defined by the slimming world lists or information found online.  The best thing to do is join a group, with support and guidance on how to plan you meals.  You will also have a weekly weigh in and get rewarded for mile stone weight loss such as 1/2 stone, 1 stone, 1 1/2 stone and so on.

There are lots of blogs, forums and books with plenty of support from like minded people and receipies to make you favourite meals, sun free.

How I started is by popping to Iceland, picking up some frozen slimming world meals and rice then also picked up some mug shots for lunch times.  This has started me off and inspired me to try my own receipies and think creatively about everything I eat.

If you want to shift some weight, I recommend this plan to everyone and you can even just do an online version with an app.

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