Tuesday, 6 December 2016

I'm back!

Apologies for the long lack of posts but I have been on holiday in Mexico!

With a holiday or "vacation" as the Americans say, there are airports involved and that means duty free shopping!

So this time I got 2 new beauty items as follows;
I firstly bought this MAC matte lipstick in the shade, Please Me and it was 280 Mexican pesos.  Now this is my first ever MAC purchase so I had no idea what I was doing but all I knew is that I wanted a nude, pink, peach lipstick in matte finish.

After filling my hand with many swatches I finally settled on the above colour but when I tried it on at home, it was way brighter than I expected! The matte finish and time it lasts it great but will have to play with the colour application a bit.

The second product I bought was on the plane with Thomas Cook and I saw it I their summer duty free magazine as well. It is a mineral bronzing powder that also tans your face with the help of liquid foundation or moisturiser.
It's called Vita Liberata Luxury Tan and I love the colour of it and glow it gives you but I don't personally think it tans my actual skin underneath my make up.

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