Monday, 23 January 2017


Organising my life is hard and it's about to get even tougher this year.  I am buying a house, moving out and planning a wedding.  Yes, my wedding but that isn't until 2019, phew!

My main obstacle is the sheer amount of possessions I have collected over my 24 years of life.  This includes clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, ticket stubs and toiletries.  I have filled every draw and cupboard; I even got a lift up storage bed.

It's time to make a start tidying and getting rid of a lot of stuff, in preparation for moving out later this year.

I realised this, just trying to sort out my toiletries.  I have at least 3 bubble bath bottle, 3 anti humidifying hair treatments, numerous body washes and loads of body lotions.  Then just look at the picture below to see my mini travel tolletries, inspect repellant and tolletry bags overflowing from the draw divider I am supposed to be keeping them in;

I am ok at being organised in work and with events as I always carry a diary as well as my iPhone.

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