Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cheap Beauty Organisers

I love having all my beauty and cosmetic products organised so I can see them all and utilise the space I have.

I do like the clear acrylic organisers like the Kardashians have, and you can find them in T K Max, muji and now primark have made some but there are cheaper alternatives.  I keep my fancy make up in my muji, two draw set and a few bits of jewellery as I purchased the velvet insert with ring cushions on one side.

People have made some pretty organisers out of cardboard and toilet roll insides that you can find all over YouTube and Pinterest.  I don't always like the DIY look but you can get pretty creative with patterned paper or a mirror finish.

My great idea is to use square, cotton ear bud holders/contains for storing nail varnishes neatly and circular ones to store lip glosses as they tend to be taller or at least more sturdy.

I have also used plastic tubs such as ice cream tubs or butter ones to separate hair accessories.  This isn't as glamorous as some options but is fine if just buried in a draw like mine.

The best containers are from ferrero rocher as they are acrylic and clear, often with lids!

This is also great recycling!

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