Monday, 30 October 2017

Halloween Look; Creepy Doll

I went to a Halloween house party this Saturday just gone and wanted to share my easy costume and makeup for a creepy doll.  Scary films like Annabelle really are making dolls popular and even more creepy so I tried a girly creepy doll and not too scary.  The best thing was that I didn't have to buy a thing!

Firstly I did a simple make up look, with pale base, defined eyebrows, highlighter and a higher rounded eye crease.  This was mainly so I could pop to the shop without scarring anyone but this pic is a little strange, I know.

I then added thick white eyeliner (NYX jumbo liner in milk) to my lower lashline and down onto my  "eye bags" to make the whites of my eyes appear bigger and more rounded.  Then I lined that new eye outline with black (Any felt black liner and boots natural collection liquid liner for the finer parts)  most of the way and drew on small curved eye lashes as you can see below.

I used a brown eyeliner to add freckles randomly across my cheeks and nose.  Then drew cracks on my face with black eye liner.  It's easier to create a centre for the crack with a filled in triangle then draw in jagged lines outwards.  I added a smudge of the white eyeliner to some sides of the cracks to make it seem more 3D.  To enhance those doll like eyes, I elongated my signature black flick and added false eye lashes (I completely forgot how fiddly these are).

This was fun to create and easy to wear as I just picked a doll like dress, pigtails and done knee high socks.  I find "normal" clothes much more comfortable than shiny, itchy costumes.
And here I am with some Snapchat filters!

P.S. I completely forgot to contour my face with matte grey eye shadow but it doesn't make that much difference.

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