Tuesday, 27 March 2018

My Daily Make Up Routine

My daily make up routine

First of all I always cleanse my face when I wake up to make sure any traces of make up are gone and to prep my skin for the day.

Once I’ve had breakfast I lay out all the make up I’m going to use on my desk.  This saves time searching for things between application.  Another tip would be to have a separate make up bag with daily make up and one with the less used make up or weekend kit.  I try and do this but actually have many bags and drawers that I keep my make up in.  P.s I promise I will do a glam room tour soon.

I always put on a light moisturiser before any make up, at the moment I’m using the Simple one.

Then it goes a follows;
1 garnier roll on anti dark circle concealer
2 maybelline master camo green concealer on red areas with the tiny brush provided
3 foundation blended into all of the face with a Wilko foundation brush
4 maybelline master camo concealer in a mixture of colours around my nose, around my eyes and problem areas. I tend to use yellow and peach under the eyes and mix the other two shades for anywhere else all with my ring finger
5 add bonzer to my cheeks, nose, forehead and chin - I’m only doing this before powder because I’m using Vita Liberata luxury tan and it states it is best used on moisturiser or foundation
6 then I set my whole face with collection translucent pressed powder and a Wilko powder brush
7 next, I add a bit of eye shadow primer or concealer to my eye lids - I’m currently using elf gold eye primer
8 add dark brown shade of eye shadow to the outer corners with a Primark flat eyeshadow/concealer brush
9 add a high light champagne shade to the inner corners of the eyes with a small seventeen eye shadow brush
10 add gold shadow to the centre of the eyes blending all shades together without a fluffyish No7 eye shadow brush
11 Black felt eyeliner
12 Black liquid eye liner in a wing
13 eyebrow pencil - love mine from Primark
14 Cream highlighter from the maybelline master camo compact
15 powder highlighter from bookie
16 curl eyelashes
17 apply mascara which I’m using a Barry M at the mo

In hindsight this may be a bit too long for my everyday work make up. *goes to reinvent herself*

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