Monday, 16 March 2015

Shellac Gellish Nails Review

This is another post I wrote in 2013!


Shellac nail varnish, otherwise known as Gellish nails are long lasting chip resistant nail varnish.  It boasts lasting up to 2 weeks.  Hannah (my cousin) went for a strong blue and Ellie (me) opted for light pink with a glitter finish.  We had them done at different nail salons; both costing £15.00.

First the manicurist files your nails and makes you wash your hands to get rid of dust.  Then they put a clear coat of gel on your nails, a couple of colour coats or glitter and then a final clear coat.  Between each coat is you put your hand in a UV lamp whilst the manicurist paints your other hand.  Next they rub cuticle oil into your fingers and give you moisturiser.

After just one week my shellac was coming up at the cuticles on 3 nails although they avoid flooding your cuticles. I'm trying to resist the urge to peak each nail off. So far I've just pulled a few little slithers off.

I would try them again, especially to see how easily they come off.  Perhaps at a different salon or without a glitter coat.  They are great if you don't want to be re painting your nails all the time.


I had them again in French manicure for a wedding last march and was happy with the outcome, great for special occasions and holidays.

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