Friday, 6 March 2015

Toe Nail Varnish

This is something I wrote over a year ago when I first started thinking about writing a blog;
 My toenails are always painted.  I don't bother much with my finger nails as I haven't got the drying time, I'm always doing something with my hands.  Besides, I always pick it off before long.

The main reason my toenails are always painted is because I have "bad toes".  These are my big toes that I keep stubbing and dropping things on, so they bruised and discoloured.

I love to paint my tootsies bright holiday colours like pinks and oranges or to match my chosen outfit for a night out.  This way I always know I can wear peep toe shoes.

Toenail varnish seems to last so long as well, probably because we keep them wrapped up in socks all day.

This is still somewhat true but I had an operation on my toenails so I'm wearing nail varnish at the moment.

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