Saturday, 21 March 2015

Red Lip Liner Review

So recently a friend on Facebook has started selling make up to get extra cash.  The make up brand is called Younique and I decided to try a few things out.  It's a little bit pricey to me but I thought, why not?

I bought the Moonstruck Precision Pencil Lip Liner in the shade Primal and the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers but more on that when I've actually used it.

Today I tried the lip liner with a red lip crayon, Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm in the Redder the Better is think (the writing has rubbed off).

At first I was not sure as it doesn't glide on but does give a smooth line.  When I filled in my whole lips with the pencil I loved the intense colour.  My lip crayon blended perfectly on top and completed the look.

Now it's the end of the day and my lips look as though I have just put my Lippy on but I haven't touched up at all!  I have even eaten chocolate cake, tea and drunk a fair few drinks.  It's safe to say this lip liner really has that staying power you need for your big night out or even the whole day.

You can grab one HERE in 5 different shades at £12 each and I think you can get an offer if you buy 3.

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