Sunday, 28 June 2015

"You look like a tomboy"

Sorry that I've been MIA recently; I've been really busy with life.  I have just come back from a trip to Amsterdam so I thought I would go through travel essentials.

Firstly it is very hard to take only essentials in a small cabin sized bag.  But I didn't forget anything!

My top tips for packing are;
  • Roll your clothes
  • Weight your bag on 2 different scales to make sure it's in the limit
  • Take out anything you might need and replace it with something you will need and definitely use
  • Pack interchangeable outfits so you can switch from day to night easily
  • Take a smaller secure bag for the day
  • Always make a check list so you don't forget anything
Minimising my make up for the trip was hard but I thought that I didn't want to spend ages doing my make up I wanted to explore the city.  So I needed quick fixes and all under 100ml as I only took cabin baggage.

And going back to why my boyfriend called me a tomboy; it's because I was dressed practically not fashionably or overly girly.  Literally just top, hoody and skinny jeans.  I did have a few girly touches such as a pretty top and bright Turquoise Vans.  These are new and I got them in the Office sale for £25 (£28 but they had a mark).

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