Monday, 22 August 2016

Lazy Up Do Tutorial

It's no secret that I'm not too bothered about my hair, yes I want to look as blonde as possible but I often just wear it down and free!  Today I decided to wear my hair up with some dry shampoo as it could do with a wash.

Tools you will need;
  • Hair brush
  • Tail comb or teasing brush
  • Hair bands x 2
  • Hair grips x 6 or more

If you want recreate this look please follow these steps;
  1. Brush through of your hair to de tangle any knots
  2. Tease the crown and parting of your hair by brushing downwards at the roots in sections
  3. Roughly part your hair at the nape of your neck
  4. Create one plait on the left side and one on the right (make these as lose or tight as you wish but you will get more volume in the style make them looser)
  5. Tie each plait at the as fair down as possible with small elastic band or hair bands
  6. Grab some kirby grips/Bobby pins and pin the first plait across to the other side of your head, curling the ends downward
  7. Now pin the other plait across the opposite side of your head, tucking the end downwards underneath the other plait
  8. I only used 6 pins to secure these plaits in place, findeling with overall shape but you can use more for more hold
  9. You can also use hairspray if you wish

Ok so the one side looks a bit wonky but it was only for work and if it had more time in the mornings, I would actually take a bit more care.

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