Monday, 18 January 2016

Mini Make up Tips Monday; Lashes

Now lashes are where the drama are at and they can transform your look.  My top tips for getting those big full long lashes are as follows;

  1. First up with your bare lashes is curling them with an eyelash curler.  Clamp your lashes and pump the clamp a few times and you can also heat metal ones with a hairdryer to make the curl last longer
  2. Mascara is important to use but the type doesn't really matter as there are so many out there that claim different properties.  It's the way you apply it that's the most effective, I often brush the wand down to coat the top of my lashes and then wiggle the wand from the base of your lashes to the tip and pull the outer lashes up and out.
  3. A good way to not get the mascara all over the place is to tilt your head back and look down into a hand held mirror.
  4. The final wow factor is flash lashes and these can look natural or super fake.  Individual lashes are the best for the most natural look which is build able and then feathery strip lashes also look nice.  Thicker ones look better with a heavier look or with a costume where they don't look odd.
  5. A top tip with fake eyelashes is to put extra glue on the ends of the strip to keep the grip where they often spring off.
  6. An alternative option to false lashes is Fiber lash mascara where you mascara on small fibres onto the lashes that can look as good as fake lashes.

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